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    Design & Development              fea1

    Take control of your wound component designs. All too often OEMs have incomplete data for these             critical circuit elements, particularly when it comes to sourcing alternatives. Fluxline provides full build and     test report data, ready for sending to potential suppliers. We ensure your components are designed to         suit you rather than your supplier.

    Fluxline advantages:

    Optimised design for your application

    Most cost-effective materials

    Engineered for compatability with your process

    Total ownership of design - avoid single source problems

    Lower wound component cost

     Reverse Engineering                   csa

    We can provide full constructional and test analysis of sample or competitor parts, including                         cross-sectioning, to determine a complete specification for an equivalent part or compliance                     with applicable IEC/EN/UL safety standards.

    Device Modelling/Simulation  simulation

    Fluxline have extensive experience in generating equivalent circuit models for magnetic components             including saturation and high frequency effects, compatible with Spice and other simulation programs.         Proprietary software for specific requirements can also be developed.

    Prototyping                                  samples

    Prototypes are available from our own laboratory or partner suppliers, guaranteed to give 100%                 compatability with provided documentation. Prototypes show your high volume supplier exactly what is         required.

     Validation Testing                       test

     Our test laboratory has the facilities to extensively test wound component parameters to verify device         conformance to specification or operational requirements.

     Troubleshooting                          xray

     Whether your problem is a manufacturing difficulty, sourcing a core material equivalent or resolving
    test issues, we can assist with a solution.