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Download some useful utilities for magnetic component design. All files are Excel spreadsheets.
Fluxline Bobbin Calculator A spreadsheet for estimating the build of windings on a bobbin or coil-former. Suitable for all EE, EF, ETD, EP, RM, POT cores. Also estimates basic winding parameters like DC Resistance, Leakage Inductance and Interwinding Capacitance.  Download
Wire Table Enamelled Copper Wire (Magnet Wire) data chart. Download
50/60Hz Transformer Calculator Spreadsheet to estimate laminated mains power transformers.  Download
Toroidal Transformer Calculator  Designs toroidal mains transformers for 50/60Hz applications. Download
Core AL Calculator  Estimates ungapped AL factor from basic data.    Download
AWG Metric Converts copper wire guages between AWG and metric. Download
Core Gap Calculator  Calculates required air-gap taking flux fringing effects into account Download